Surfing in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, situated along the Beach at the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, offers surfing all year-round. Though water temperature gets cool at winter with lows reaching 14 degrees Celsius, winter usually offers the best swells if you are an experienced surfer.

Surfing in Tel Aviv is generally mild, nothing like the power surfing Mecca’s of Way Mea bay Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia or Costa Rica, but you can still enjoy a great surfing experience in beach-oriented Tel Aviv.

In recent years, a surfing culture has been developing in Israel. If you wonder around the beach, you will see many surfboards and surf school in the beaches when the swell is up. Tel Aviv offers approximately 15-20 KM of beach stretch, but not all of it is good for surfing.
Israel has approximately 190KM stretch of beaches along the Mediterranean; many of them offer good surfing. Some of the best surfing spots are actually outside of Tel Aviv, in the north and south of the country.

So after so many words, let the pictures speak and enjoy this latest work by director Toby Cregan, struggling with some of the surfers most representative of the modern style.
Here’s to you Tel Aviv Jumps!

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